Camping Acedo Rules and Regulations

  • Cars:The maximum speed for driving within the campsite is 10 km/h. Cars must not circulate between midnight and 8 am within the campsite. If your departure time is earlier than 8 am, leave the car outside the night before.
  • Silence:Times of silence will be from midnight to 8 am, if this is not adhered to, management reserves the right to expel the customer from the campsite.
  • Dogs:Must be tied and controlled by the owner – all responsibility in case of accidents shall be the owner’s. Likewise, if the animal leaves faeces within the campsite, this must be picked up by the owner.
  • Woodland:It is forbidden to tie ropes to the trees to hang things, or to support trailers or stoves…
  • Rubbish:Rubbish is to be deposited in the white compactor located next to the campsite entrance and never in the bins inside the campsite. An effort must be made to separate glass, cardboard and organic waste into their respective containers.
  • Bulky objects must be deposited in the rubbish collection “clean point”, in Estella

  • Visits: Every visitor to the campsite must go through reception, where a certain amount will be calculated and paid, if the visit time exceeds 1 hour. Visitors should always leave their car in the external parking.
  • Barbecues: Fire is prohibited in the plots, so to have a barbecue there are 3 specific zones.
  • Bicycles: During nighttime hours, it is prohibited to circulate inside the campsite. It is absolutely prohibited to circulate within the swimming pool and terrace areas throughout the day.
  • Theft: Campsite management will not be held responsible for customer items that go missing within the campsite.
  • Barbecues: The barrier works from 8 in the morning until 12 at night, outside those hours it cannot be activated. In case of emergency, the guard will open the door, if you are at the campsite perimeter, call the guard bungalow located at the campsite entrance.
    Each plot is entitled to a single proximity card, therefore only one car can pass per plot. In case of card loss, €10 will be charged for another card, the lost card will be rendered void.